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Installation options[ edit ] Unlike its predecessor, Windows Server can switch between " Server Core " and "Server with a GUI " installation options without a full reinstallation. Server Core — an option with a command-line interface only — is now the recommended configuration. There is also a third installation option that allows some GUI elements such as MMC and Server Manager to run, but without the normal desktop, shell or default programs like File Explorer. In the new Processes tab, the processes are displayed in varying shades of yellow, with darker shades representing heavier resource use. Unlike the Windows 8 version of Task Manager which looks similar , the "Disk" activity graph is not enabled by default. The CPU tab no longer displays individual graphs for every logical processor on the system by default, although that remains an option.

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Windows and Windows Server R2 or later: TB Windows 8 and Windows Server or earlier 8 TB: Paged pool: GB or system commit limit, whichever is smaller. Windows and Windows Server R2: TB or system commit limit, whichever is smaller. Windows Server R2, Windows 7, Windows Server and Windows Vista. Windows Server R2 will continue to have the same licensing model as Windows Server , with two editions available in volume licensing: Standard edition and Datacenter edition. Editions are differentiated by virtualization rights only (two OSEs for Standard, and unlimited OSEs for Datacenter). Windows Server R2 Datacenter: 11/25/ 10/9/ 10/10/ Mainstream and Extended support for this product has been extended to provide customers with the standard lifecycle transition timeline. Windows Server R2 Essentials: 11/25/ 10/9/ 10/10/

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