Transoft AutoTURN 9

Also new are Speed Profile Reports which allow engineers to study vehicle speed changes along a generated path, and vehicle grade templates useful in analyzing maximum ascending and descending slope ranges. With over 25, AutoTURN users in over countries, as a company we can say we have consistently achieved this goal. Providing design solutions for roads and highways, airports, light rail transit, and highway signs, we give transportation professionals the tools they need to design with confidence.

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As the vehicle swept path analysis software of choice for transportation engineers, planners, drafters, and architects, AutoTURN is used everyday. Along with new standard vehicle libraries, this version of AutoTURN adds the ability to customize 2D loads and shapes giving our users more design options. Along with new standard vehicle libraries, the latest version of AutoTURN includes features for detaching tractor and trailer and creating vehicles with liftable axles.

AutoTURN 9.0 -- Path Control

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