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Contact us Review: After installing and launching the application, Snagit features a simple, easy to understand UI that lets you choose between image, video or an all-in-one capture. You then make choices like how large the capture area is, typically a defined region that you click and drag to select, the full application window, or fullscreen. The Panorama capture allows you to capture, then scroll both vertically and horizontally around a webpage or document and the entire contents is collated into a single image.

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Get the ultimate screen capture and video recording on Windows and Mac. Snagit is simple, powerful software to capture images and record videos of your  Rating: - ‎1, reviews. We've got a new release of Snagit to share with you: TechSmith Snagit We want to thank this community for participating in our betas and feedback request round ups. We've addressed 6 of the top 10 requests from that round of voting. And we're committed to continuing to improve Snagit with your help. Mar 10, - 23 October, Snagit 0. Quickly and painlessly explain a series of steps by combining multiple screenshots into a single image. Automatically add step numbers, adjust colors, quickly add a title and captions, and apply an existing color theme to stay on brand with your organization.

Snagit-- The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool

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