Steinberg Halion 3

The Germany-based company has been around since , and they have built a loyal following over the years. HALion Sonic 3 uses the Soft e-Licenser copy protection which is installed along with the instrument, and uses an access code for downloading and activation. It is also available in a standalone version. The easy answer is that HALion 6 has everything needed to develop additional content — things like a sampler capability, a wavetable editor, the tools for developing hosted instruments with custom GUIs, and so forth. Getting Started After you are all squared away with the download and activation, you will be ready to load some sounds and take it for a spin. I will get to how you go about recording within the workstation you could also trigger it with MIDI from your DAW , but first I wanted to cover a few other items.

Start your 30-day HALion 6 trial today. It’s free.

Please note that you will have to install the content manually afterwards if the installer does not automatically transfer it. To do so copy the content HSB files from the installation disc to your harddrive.

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