SPI SheetMetalWorks 2016

For the handling of components consisting of a single part or of assemblies, transitions and connections, special libraries are available and can be expanded to accommodate as many of your own parametric components as well. Unfolding of assembliesUnfolding of configurationsUnfolding of multi body partsLearning tool recognitionTool library with punching and stamping toolsTool import from TruTops PunchAccess to the TruTops Bend databaseFree editable and expandable component library with standard parts,branches, transitions and flanges Data Editor: Material management with free editable data contentSupport of metric and inch measuresModification of the material during the designSharp-edged and demi sharp-edged designComfortable corner design suitable for manufacturingUnfolding of corner blendsUnfolding of imported parts with accuracy faultsAutomatic correction of corner relivesTolerant and flexible unfolding of slightly curved free-formed surfacesUnfolding of curved surfaces, for example conical or elliptical transitionsurfaces Unfolding of un-reliefed flangesCalculation of shortening values on the basis of K-factor, free formulas,shortening values or of TruTops calculation basis Definition of shortening calculation per bendManufacturing-oriented positioning of bending lines and bending tools forfree-formed surfaces Display of correct bend marks and bend tables Ramiro D. CAD software is the best solution for architects and engineers but its price is really high. Here I have found a very good price and I will come to you next time!

SPI SheetMetalWorks 2016 with discount

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