QuarkXpress 9

Five years passed before a Microsoft Windows version 3. In the s, QuarkXPress became widely used by professional page designers, the typesetting industry, and printers. In particular, the Mac version of 3. In , QuarkXPress incorporated an application programming interface called XTensions which allows third-party developers to create custom add-on features to the desktop application. Xtensions, along with Apple Computer 's HyperCard , was one of the first examples of a developer allowing others to create software add-ons for their application. QuarkXPress also lost marketshare due to an increasing price gap between it and InDesign.

QuarkXpress 9 with discount

For example, a new feature can automatically apply styles to text, based on sophisticated rules and a new tool lets you create complex shapes without having to draw them by hand. The new version of QuarkXPress offers nearly a dozen enhancements of that nature.

QuarkXPress 9 - What's New

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