Pixologic ZBrush 2019

Vote Pixologic is proud to announce the release of ZBrush ! ZBrush includes the following new key features: Folders First previewed at last year's ZBrush Summit, the Folders feature is the realization of one of the most popular feature requests from our users. However, in ZBrush this is more than merely a way to organize your SubTools. A wide variety of actions can be performed at the folder level, affecting all SubTools found within. Examples include performing quick 3D transformations or Live Boolean operations. Universal Camera Also previewed at the ZBrush Summit, this new camera system simulates a real-world camera complete with settings for Focal Length, Crop Factor and more.

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Beyond the new brushes we've expanded the capabilities of the MorphUV feature, which makes it possible to view the unwrapped UV layout of a model within ZBrush. Join artist Michael Pavlovich for a demonstration of how the new features in ZBrush complement his digital sculpting workflow.

#AskZBrush - "Why are the split options greyed out with my model?"

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