Macrabbit Espresso 2

With built-in FTP support and a host of useful features, this is my favourite text editor to date. Since moving away from the increasingly-bloated Dreamweaver some time ago, I have tried various other options for coding websites. I have tried TextWrangler, Komodo Edit, Coda demo only as it never had all the features I expected to find, and the Coda 2 release is taking forever to arrive Update: Coda 2 finally released May 25 and TextMate which has been my longer-term favourite. However, I think my search for an editor may be over as Espresso 2 does almost everything I want and beautifully too! You can get a fully-functional day demo here:

Macrabbit Espresso 2 at wholesale Prices

Download Macrabbit Espresso 2 | Low Cost Espresso Software

Publish Design and preview in Espresso, or with the newest browsers. Xray and CSSEdit tools for all.

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