Macpaw Hider 2

Hider is hidden The most loved vault for Mac, to After 10 years of protecting your most cherished files and securing your most sensitive data, Hider has hidden itself in the great digital beyond. Stronger marvels Hard-working software tools, like all good things, have a life cycle. And when they come to a close, it allows their creators to focus on even more useful and exciting projects. We at MacPaw are humbled by what Hider and its users have taught us development and are already eagerly chipping away at newer, stronger marvels in design. More apps If Hider made your days a little more pleasant, browse through our other beautiful tools built for Mac. Browse Support The Hider support page is still accessible, along with the entire Hider knowledge base and email support team. Get support Refund If you purchased Hider between June 10 and July 10, , you may receive a full refund upon request.

Price of Macpaw Hider 2

What is the most important thing an Apple product user tends to do? Did you say brag about the products? It surely gives one a kind of paranoia feeling.

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