iExplorer 3

We've long been fans of iExplorer, as it's a great way to access your iDevice's file system, but the latest update brings a whole bunch of new features that make it a complete way to manage most anything on your device. This means viewing your text messages, playing your music in an integrated player, view your photos, consult your calendar, check your notes, and much more. You also have the option of exporting your data, often times to a choice of formats. It's also a bit easier to navigate your device—either through the app or mounted as a disk—and access app data as well.

iExplorer 3 price

The installation of this application might take a while but if the iTunes program is already installed on your PC, it might take less time iExplorer requires iTunes in order to function properly. Although iTunes is a well-known file manager for iPods, it doesn't allow you to transfer audio files from the device to your PC if the music was originally copied using iTunes.


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