ElectrodeWorks 2016

You design the electrode through a comprehensive yet easy to use user interface; the electrode manufacturing and EDM positioning drawings, and the machining files are created automatically. Automatic electrode sizing and positioning according to face selection Choose the holder and electrode blank shape from the standard, user extendable parametric shape library through the Add Electrode environment and select the burn faces. The electrode is automatically placed and sized according to customized factory setup parameters. Parameter and Position dialogues allow you to fine tune the electrode positioning and orientation. On validation the electrode is then cut, showing clearly the burn faces. Modification through specific electrode feature tree Modification of the position and definition of the Electrode and clearance is accessed through the dedicated ElectrodeWorks property manager tree. Copy electrode by feature recognition Copy the electrode automatically to the same features on the part in preview and allow the user to select or de-select the electrode positions.

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Associativity between electrodes and drawings — modifying the electrodes will modify the drawing dimensions. These faces are still part of the burn face calculation. Collision Check performed at electrode creation between the holder and part.

ElectrodeWorks 2014 for SolidWorks 2016 and previous versions

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