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DriveWorks Pro Improvements include, but are not limited to: Lighting - Configurable spot, directional and point lighting Textures - Driving textures and remapping texture coordinates Scaling - The ability to scale any model or assembly independently in X, Y and Z Visual and Numerical base position, scale and rotation with an additional rule set for each 3D Workshop — The functionality known as 3DWorkshop has been moved into the Drive3D document in DriveWorks Pro Administrator Much of the underlying math has been updated to allow these enhancements and a new entity structure has been added. We have had to make 2 breaking changes to Drive3D documents to allow these important new features to exist. Both breaking changes have been implemented to minimise disruption or the requirement to change rules, however the following could still occur.

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Perhaps this is a question that can be done by the software itself, but the point here is that the use of Sidelback requires duplicate work and a tedious process, while this plugin removes all duplicate parts in the removal process. And you can easily design and document the product in the least time without engaging in repetitive processes. One of the powerful features of this plugin is the ability to customize the design done at each step of the work.

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