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Handwritten address books are a thing of the past, but digital contact lists tend to be disorganized and exceedingly difficult to manage. BusyContacts takes matters into its own hands by making it incredibly simple to find and manage your contacts. Sync with your calendar, social media sites and cloud services to turn your personal and professional relationships into a well-oiled machine. Dave and John have a long history of building great software together dating back to the early 90's when they created Now Up-to-Date, a revolutionary network calendar for Mac OS 7. Now Up-to-Date and its companion app, Now Contact, were the de facto standards for managing your calendar and contacts.

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BusyContacts syncs with leading CardDAV services and social services such as Twitter, and consolidates information about your contacts and relationships from. for Mac. BusyCal iOS Icon. BusyCal. for iOS. BusyContact Icon. BusyContacts. for Mac. © Busy Apps, About Press Privacy Policy Jobs Help Twitter. Just as they gave us an alternative to the Calendar application with BusyCal, BusyMac has done the same for Contacts with BusyContacts.

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