Boris FX Mocha Pro 2020


Affordable Annual Subscription: Mocha Pro delivers professional tools at artist level prices. New Gstreamer media engine in standalone application improves file reading. Updated Red Camera support. Updated OpenColorIO color management include streamlined viewer settings, new preference tab and improved workflow for both standalone and plug-in. Mega Plate module: use planar tracking and temporal frame analysis to create extended stitched frames for advanced effects and clean up tasks Area Brush: dynamic new paint tool with Quick Mask mode for fast creation of tracking and masking layers. Now improved with Gap Fill and keyboard shortcuts. Area Brush with Quick Mask mode brings fluid gestural paint functionality into Mocha to define planar tracking and masking search areas.


Boris FX Mocha Pro 2020 Low price

Mocha Pro Packed with New Features for VFX Artists

Mocha Pro is an award-winning planar tracking tool for motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, camera stabilization and Mocha plug-in support. Mocha Pro is the newest full-featured version of the Academy Award-​winning planar motion tracker — includes all of Mocha VR's /VR features for full. OFX builds of the Mocha Pro Plug-in have been tested to work with Autodesk Flame , The Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion Studio, HitFilm Pro, Vegas Pro.


Mocha Pro: Tips for Faster, Better Object Removals


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