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Products[ edit ] The division's products include Maya , 3ds Max the new name of 3D Studio Max , Softimage , Mudbox , MotionBuilder [20] the game middleware Kynapse , and the creative finishing products Flame, Flare, Lustre, Smoke, [21] Stingray game engine discontinued, but still supported until end of subscription. All acquired from RealViz Media Cleaner, a video-encoder for the Mac, and Edit, acquired from Media in [23] Lightscape, real-time radiosity software for Microsoft Windows acquired in December by Discreet, [24] was incorporated in 3ds Max in With its collaborative functions and databases removed, and renamed "Composite", [30] it is now bundled with Maya 3ds Max, and Softimage. Finally unified as combustion, a desktop shot compositor and motion graphics application for Mac OS and Windows. Shared some technologies and user interface elements with discreet systems based products flame, smoke.

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Autodesk Smoke 2012: Action Series - Part 9

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