Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing (PDM) Collection 2021

The collection is an integrated set of professional-grade applications that connect everyone, from concept to production, with shared tools to streamline your product development process. Create high-performing product designs and production system layoutsExtend product capabilities and prevent product failuresConnect your team and your data from design to manufacture How the collection helps your business Increase win rates and deliver faster With a connected and automated toolset, quickly configure and deliver products to customer spec. Promote sustainability Develop products and processes that optimize material use and minimize waste. Improve product quality Use advanced simulation to validate and optimize products and manufacturing processes. Expand product capabilities Explore new possibilities to improve performance using the machines you already own. Included Products Professional-grade tools for 3D mechanical design, simulation, and documentation. Tolerance stackup analysis software for evaluating the impact of dimensional variation.

Price of Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing (PDM) Collection 2021

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Why a collection? Access the latest and previous releases Ensure software compatibility with all team members by accessing previous versions when you need them. Stay current with the latest releases.

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