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Content Center In-memory caching To reduce your time waiting for remotely hosted content to display, Inventor Content Center now caches the remote content during the session. When content is accessed, the initial content is cached for subsequent use eliminating the need to make the remote request again in that session. When the Inventor session concludes, the cache is cleared. Document Units Geometry There are new functions that use document units for coordinate values and objects representing points, vectors, and matrices. New iLogic Assembly Add Constraints Functions The new iLogic Relationships Add functions allow you to create an iLogic assembly whose occurrences and constraints are generated by a rule.

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Inventor Professional Full Version offers the possibility to integrate data from AutoCAD programs. Autodesk Inventor users are able to use tens of applications integrated in AutoCAD. These applications helps designers solve troubles as well as finding solutions for various complex designs. Also download Autodesk 3ds Max Inventor also connects to the Autodesk cloud to unlock collaboration, design and supply chain user workflows. Design and engineering professionals work to deliver innovation and high-quality products every day. Inventor delivers with professional grade improvements in design, automation, and performance to stay ahead of market demands. Autodesk® Inventor® is optimized to take advantage of the SSE2 extended instruction sets supported on Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, and AMD Opteron processors. Inventor will not install on computers that do not support SSE2. Several utilities are available on the Internet that report CPUID including supported instructions sets.

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