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In addition to the standard NURBS, Bezier, and explicit control options, Proportional Crown raises the midpoint of the surface, providing exceptional flexibility for concept or technical surfacing. New Profile Tool The new Profile command allows multicurve input for the profile, which can then be swept along a single- or multiple-path curve. Define profile orientation relative to the coordinate system, curve, or surface normal, as well as target curve or target surface.

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Aug 03,  · Autodesk Alias ​​Design industrial design software provides drafting, conceptual, surface modeling and visualization tools for industrial, product and automotive design. In this release, we've continued to add tools to the subdivision modeling toolkit with a new Retopology tool that is based on the Quad Draw tool in Autodesk Maya, as well as a Subdivision Modeling workflow that optimizes the Alias UI for subdivision modeling. Aug 03,  · Tính năng Autodesk Alias Design Tăng cường đánh giá thiết kế với thực tế ảo Alias. Hợp tác và khám phá thiết kế của bạn để mở rộng quy mô bằng cách sử dụng HMD trong VR.

Autodesk Alias 2021 - Retopo Tool for concept reverse engineering

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