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He qualified to stay on for Autodesk Advance Steel interviews and he earned a place among the group of 32 men who took the final tests. The candidates were subjected to numerous tests to determine their physical and psychological well being as well as their stamina and endurance, Once he completed the testing Slayton returned to Edwards to find three weeks worth of paperwork on Autodesk Advance Steel desk and spent most of his time flying back and forth from one air base to another trying to catch up on his regular work. He was so busy after he returned from the NASA testing that he had very little time, to think about the possibility of becoming an astronaut. Then Charles Donlan associate director of Project Mercury called him one morning to inform him that if he was still interested, he had been selected to join the Space Task Group at Langley Virginia as a Mercury astronaut. There, are also menus for quickly creating standard objects such as cylinders cubes and spheres. There are a variety Autodesk Advance Steel tutorial videos as well as a downloadable demo to help you get a feel for the program even before you buy.

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All the tools are designed for fast and efficient modelling, creating a precise BIM model to enable Advance Steel to subsequently generate all project documents drawings, lists, NC files from the model. Advance Steel provides the user with a large library of structural elements and design functions such as: Generic industry components such as Frames, Bracings, Concrete Footings, etc.

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