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Reddit Back in March, Rogue Amoeba announced that it would be discontinuing its Nicecast app for Mac, which let podcasters livecast their shows to the Internet. However, today the company is updating its popular audio recording utility Audio Hijack for Mac with support for broadcasting. Announced via a press release , the company says that version 3. Audio Hijack 3. Broadcasting is as easy as adding the Broadcast block to your radio chain, making it really easy to send the audio to an MP3 or AAC streaming server.

Audio Hijack 3 Pricing

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Reddit On the Mac, Apple has long made it relatively easy to plug in and immediately use audio inputs, like microphones and headsets. The just-released Audio Hijack 3 extends and improves the software, including a radical overhaul of its interface and methods of pulling together different audio elements. A fully functional version can be downloaded and used for recording up to 10 minutes of audio, after which noise is overlaid.

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