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Peter previously worked at Idiom Technologies Inc. Before Idiom, he worked on language technology development for several global localization companies: Introduction Every developer wants his or her applications to be used and hopes they will be very popular. Even if the application is not translated localized , there are some important differences between how data is represented from one locale to another. This does not mean that the product has to be translated into the language of the target audience but that it is designed in such a way that the target audience can use the application and understands the way data is presented. The reason for internationalization is to ensure the widest possible audience for your application and to make its translation easier and less costly. The strategy which I suggest is that you try and figure out what target audience your applications are intended for beforehand and implement internationalization accordingly.

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Support for schema-awareness in the XQuery editor allows you to harness the full power of XQuery through mechanisms for error isolation, simplified debugging, and enhanced code performance. The debugger lets you go step-by-step through the evaluation of your XPath or XQuery expression. Each click shows you the results for the corresponding step of the evaluation, and you can step into, step out, and step over evaluation steps using helpful buttons in the debugger toolbar.

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