Adobe RoboHelp 10

The core functionality of this application is to allow users to quickly create extensive help archives, policy listings and knowledgebase content in a media-rich environment powered by HTML5 and CSS3 engines. The app allows access to powerful CSS and skin editors, interactive and responsive features, full support for deployment on HTML5, PDF, and Mobile App platforms, and a wide array of advanced features such as personalized access with the help of Dynamic Content Filters, built-in collaboration tools, integration of custom algorithms, search autocomplete, autocorrect and more. The latest version of Adobe RoboHelp was redesigned user interface that brings minimalistic visual elements that promote fast tool discovery, increased productivity and tight integration with web-based technologies for better workflow. The projects made in the app can be enhanced with content created in other Adobe suite apps, including Photoshop , Illustrator , and others. The app will also help you reduce wasted time by intelligent content reuse, maintaining cleaner project structure, and built-in tools for previewing your WebHelp, Responsive Design content, Eclipse Help and other project types in multiple emulated display types. When you are finished with the creation of your WebHelp or other types of projects, the exporting and publishing options are numerous and oriented toward new web and mobile platforms. With it, you can create, test and publish iOS and Android apps for both smartphones and tablets.

Price of Adobe RoboHelp 10

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Adobe RoboHelp 10 is here!

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