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This multimedia editor has a large number of advanced functions which allow you to create work with a high level of precision and flexibility. Besides, it adds a professional touch to your projects. A downside is that its professional character may be a handicap for less-experienced users due to its steep learning curve. If this is the case, we recommend you to do a tutorial, take your time and start with the basics. Remarkable functions Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a wide library of effects, transitions and texts which can be all incorporated into your project. While using this application, you will find the timeline is very helpful in projects since it gathers all the processes and tasks you carry out when creating a video.

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Last year, as I was sprinting down the street trying to stay ahead of six angry bulls in Pamplona, Spain, I held my phone behind me to capture some video of the experience, all the while thinking, how am I going to color-correct this video? And then I looked up at the beautiful old buildings facing the street and thought, hey, that palette would really work well with the talking-head videos I had been editing in my hotel room the night before.

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