Adobe Framemaker 10

The core feature of Adobe FrameMaker is its ability to handle large structured documents that can adapt to the current needs of both the writers and readers and easily handle the deployment of incredibly large documents for example technical manuals in industries where a single document has to provide support to several very similar products aerospace, pharmaceutical or engineering industries. Powered by a bit architecture, Adobe FrameMaker is more than capable to handle even the largest documents you can imagine, with no limits of how many images, advanced effects, high-quality imports, and other enhancements you can put into your document. The app also promotes use of transparent images, one-click image resizing , fast compiling into any supported format with interactive real-time progress bar , built-in dictionary and spell-checking support, interactive HTML5 dialogs, support for modern WEbP image format, encrypted PDFs, several visual themes for easier icon recognition, intuitive welcome screen that promotes direct access to templates, faster performance both during installation, setup and real-world work , and much more. It was originally introduced to the public in by Frame Technology Corporation, which was purchased by Adobe in

Adobe Framemaker 10 Low price

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A tool which has been developed by Adobe Inc. If you are wondering which is the perfect software for an author of technical documents its Adobe Framemaker.

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