Adobe Captivate 9

Publish to Adobe Captivate Prime 1. Publish to Computer. In the Project Title field, enter the project name. In the Location option, click the folder icon and browse the desired folder where you want to publish the course. Below this, you have the Zip Files option; check this to create a Zip file in the drive specified by you, so that all the files of the course will be published as a zip file. This option is useful when you want to create a single file for uploading to a Learning Management System. We also have the option Publish to Folder to create a folder with the title of the project.

Adobe Captivate 9 cost

Written by Tarun Athmika If you belong to an organization that is involved in developing software, you know how tough it is to create training that will teach your employees how to use software the optimal way. Doing so with classroom trainings can lead to logistical and financial nightmares. How do you overcome these problems and train your staff effectively so that they become ready to use the tool?

Introduction to Adobe Captivate 9

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