Adobe Captivate 8

Develop any-screen responsive mobile learning without programming. Use an intuitive UI to transform PowerPoint slides into engaging eLearning using actors, voices, interactions, and quizzes. With tons of devices in varied screen sizes being used by the trainees and employees, there is a dire need to make the content available on different devices. Thankfully Adobe Captivate 8 allows you to create responsive eLearning courses that can fit perfectly in different device sizes in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

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Using Adobe captivate 8 - eLearning

To do this, select an object and choose the auto option for either width or height. By setting your width and height to auto, your object will be able to maintain the right aspect ratio. I found a great example of this on the Adobe Captivate Blog.

Comparison: Creating a Custom Accordion Interaction with Captivate 8 and Captivate 9

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